How to find the right apartment?

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Steps to Moving In

 Please start the preparation at approximately 1 to 1 and a half month before the move in date.

  • STEP.01
    Detemine Room Condition
     First of all, think about what kind of apartment you would like to stay in.
    Secondly, consider about how much you plan to spend a month also how big you would like you room is.
    Lastly, determine on kitchen type, balcony, and so on. Then you should be ready to look for the right place for you.
  • STEP.02
    Look for Apartments and Contact Real Estate Agency
    After settling down all the conditions, you can either pay us a visit or contact us with just a phone call or through e-mail.
    We have a wide range of properties for you to choose from, some of which are the latest one that are not yet listed on our website.
  • STEP.03
    Room Tour
    If there is any room interests you, let’s go to the site to see the room.
    It could be difficult to fully understand a room by just seeing the pictures. Thus, having a room tour is highly recommended.
    If there is any need of having a room tour, please feel free to contact us.
  • STEP.04
    Application and Contract
    Properties are changing at daily bases, so if there is any room you like, we recommend you to sign a contract as soon as possible.
    Please make sure you have all the requirements, such as you passport, residence card, cellphone, and bank account ready when contracting.
    After applying for a tenancy, the next step is screening and getting the confirmation of the owner. Then can finally sign the contract.
    Generally speaking, it will take about a week from applying to signing the contract.
  • Move In
    There are many procedures to follow when moving in. Please make sure you already have everything done before actually moving in.
    Please send your notification of move-in to both city office and post office.



Q Is it okay if I cannot speak Japanese?

Yes, it’s okay. Our staff can assist you in Japanese, English, Chinese.
If you prefer languages not listed above, please let us know.

Q Is it okay if I do not have a joint guarantor?

Yes. GTN guarantor service is especially for foreigners who do not have a joint guarantor.
Guarantor service fee varies among apartments, but your initial fee will be from half a month to one month worth of rent.
Additionally, you may be charged a monthly service fee or an annual service fee. Please contact us for more details.

Q Is it possible to look for an apaartment from overseas?

Yes, it is possible. However, how much we can proceed will depend on your visa status in Japan. Please contact us for more details.

Q Can a student visa or working holiday visa holder rent an apartment in Japan?

Yes, student visa and working holiday visa holders can rent an apartment in Japan. However, workplace information or allowance information
will be mandatory to make sure you can pay the rent.

Q Is it possible to live with a friend?

Yes. We can give you information about apartments allowing room-sharing. Please let your agent know of your preferences.

Q I want to look for an apartment as early as possible. How many months in advance can I search for one?

It will depend on when you want to move-in. If you want to move in between February and April, when there are a lot of people moving,
then you should start looking about 2-3 months in advance. If you want to move in at any other time of the year,
then you should start looking about 1-2 months in advance.

▼Applocation and Contract

Q Is it possible to reserve the room I am interested in?

Generally, you cannot reserve a room. You can technically “reserve” if you place an application form with your personal information,
assuming that you will live there if you pass the screening.

Q Is it possible to sign a contract without wiewing the room?

Yes, you can sign a contract without viewing the room, with a few exceptions.
Our staff can also visit the room and show you the room using online apps like ZOOM.

Q How long does the sreening take after applying?

Screening usually takes about 3-5 days. We will contact the applicant and each of their emergency contacts for screening.
The sooner we can get in touch with them, the faster the screening will be. *It may take a longer time depending on
the landlord and management company.

Q I just arrived in Japan, and do not have a phone number yet. Can I still look and apply for apartments?

Yes, you can still look and apply for an apartment without a Japanese phone number. Please make sure to contact us once you do
get a Japanese phone number.

Q Can I cancel my application? Is there a cancellation fee?

The rules of cancellation after applying or after signing the contract varies among management companies. A cancellation fee may be charged.
Please contact us for more information.

Q How long is the avarage tenancy agreement in Japan?

 Most tenancy agreements are for 2 years. However, many apartments allow you to cancel the contract within the 2 years without penalty,
as long as it is notified by the given cancellation period.

Q Can I still sign the tenancy agreement without a seal(inkan)?

You can sign the agreement without the seal (inkan) in most cases. However, we recommend you make one anyways because you will most likely need one
to open a bank account, and to sign other types of contracts in Japan.
Shachihata (Seft-inking) stamp is not accepted.

▼Moving In

Q When can I get thge keys?

The keys are usually given on the day before or on the day of moving in.

Q Is it okay to bring in luggage the day before moving in?

You can not enter the apartment before the move-in date, so your luggages must be brought in on or after moving in.

▼Utilities and Facilities

Q oes the mangement fee include the utilities?

Utility fees such as gas, water, and electricity are usually not included in the management fee. Your utilities will be charged separately
by each company, based on your usage.

Q Can the agency set up electricity, water, and gas service on my behalf?

If you wish, our staff will contact and set up utilities on your behalf. Please feel free to contact our agent for assistance.

Q Does the apartment come with free internet if it is written “Internet Available” on the room description?

“Internet Available” only means you can set up an internet connection in the apartment, and does not mean “free internet”. You must sign up with
an internet provider and will be charged separately. We can also introduce you to Internet service providers so please feel free to contact us.

▼After Moving In

Q I can barely speak any Japanese. What should I do if there is any facility problem during my tenancy?

If you need help communicating in Japanese, and if you are using the GTN guarantor service, our multilingual staff can assist you.

Q I want to share the room with a friend. Is it negotiable with the landlord, even after moving in?

Generally, anyone who is not registered as a tenant at the time of the contract is not allowed to move in. If the apartment is a family type
apartment, with 2 or more rooms, then it may be negotiable with permission from the management company and the landlord.
Please contact our staff if you want to add another tenant. If there are additional tenants without permission,
the lease contract may be terminated.

Please feel free to contact us if there is any question.

Any other flat hunting related information or consultation service, please check out the link down below.