We provide supports to foreigners and international students, who would like to rent a apartment in Nishi-Chiba area.

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About us

1.  Initial cost free plan, 「ももゼロ」(momozero)/Great amount of cheap apartments

Generally speaking, when renting an apartment, tenant must pay initial cost including first month rent, deposit, key money, broker fee, cleaning fee, lock exchange fee, fire insurance fee, initial guarantee fee, etc, which is quite amount of money before actually moving in. But, with our initial cost free plan, 「ももゼロ」, there should be nothing to be worry about.

 2. Largest real estate agency in Nishi-Chiba area ! Great amount of properties

Momotaro Real Estate Agency is the largest agency around Chiba station and Nishi-Chiba area. Most of our apartments are located in Inage ward and Chuo ward, Chiba City. Amoung a wide range of properties we have, you can definitely find the one suitable for your needs.

 3. Foreign resident correspondence experiences

From consultation all the way to moving-in, we provide support through out the whole process. At Momotaro Real Estate Agency, we have a support system for foreigners and international students who are not familiar with the rental contract in Japan.

 On our website you will find information on how to find the right apartment for you, how much will it cost, details of properties,
etc. We will be supporting you in your search.